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Auto Glass & Windshield Replacements
Auto Glass & Windshield Replacements
Auto Glass & Windshield Replacements

Auto Glass Tinting

Professional, quality window films instantly add a unique, custom look to any vehicle.  Today’s window films come in a wide range of colors and shades. This makes the selection of one to properly complement your vehicle fairly easy.  Window films are engineered and manufactured to reject nearly 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays.  Not only do window films provide sunscreen-like protection for you and your passengers, they also provide the same protection for the leather or fabric upholstery inside your vehicle.  Window films have been proven to greatly reduce the amount of fading and will prolong the life of your vehicle’s interior.  Window films are also designed to reflect a majority of all solar energy, allowing the vehicle’s cooling system to run more efficiently making the inside of your vehicle much more comfortable on those hot, sunny days.

Benefits of Installing Window Films

Having window films installed in your vehicle not only instantly enhances the appearance of your vehicle, but you will also enjoy some additional interior benefits such as: