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Auto Glass & Windshield Replacements
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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window films reduce the sun's irritating glare and help to eliminate "hot spots" that exist on a building's surface due to sun exposure. This will help to lessen distractions and improve employee productivity all while protecting the occupants from exposure to harmful UV radiation, which is the principle cause of skin cancer. Upon installation, occupants of the building will immediately notice the enhancement in comfort provided by commercial window films.

Window and door glass is an essential part of all commercial buildings such as hotels, office buildings, etc. Ordinary glass allows the sun’s heat and glare to penetrate into the building, resulting in faded interiors, inefficient energy demands, and personal discomfort. Commercial window tinting services from GlassPro can help to control the undesirable effects of the sun & protect one of the most valuable assets of your business - your building.

Commercial Window Tinting Will Help:

  1. Reduce the temperature in a large glass structure by up to 15º
  2. Allow your employees to be more efficient by reducing glare by up to 85%
  3. Reduce damaging UV rays from entering your structure by 99.9%
  4. Save money on high energy costs & increase the life cycle of heating & cooling systems by reduced usage